Aviator & RCAF Canadian Clothing For You!

Who we are

Welcome to Kiwi Eh, your first choice Fergus source for gorgeous jewelry and necklaces! we have a wonderful selection of necklaces and popular cz jewelry for you to choose from. Really though, you are going to have a hard time choosing just one thing, because we have so many different fantastic pieces, and all for even more fantastic prices. This is one of the most exciting Aviator & RCAF Canadian clothing online suppliers out there, and you will be so happy you came to check out our site.


What we are about

Our goal is to provide gorgeous, high quality jewelry and clothing for reliably competitive prices that you can count on. Kiwi Eh is such a unique place, with so many different options to suit so many different types of people. When you shop with us, it is almost harder to find something you won’t enjoy than it is finding something that you will.